Our Mission Statement

Inward transformation leads to outward action!

Ignite RPM is a leadership coaching and professional development company. We provide business leaders and managers growth mindset strategies geared to get unstuck, improve results and thrive! Maximize your emotional intelligence to achieve your full potential!

At the core of Ignite RPM’s principles and values-Respect, Purpose and Motivation-lies Nosce te Ipsum, meaning “Know Thyself” (Latin). Finding a purpose and fulfillment in life you must begin with knowing and understanding yourself. As leaders and educators learn about themselves and those around them they become more adept at building and navigation relationships in the organizations, schools and community; resulting in increased performance all around.

Client Testimonials

As an individual who never considered having a “life coach”, after meeting and working with Vince, I can’t believe I did not do this sooner. Vince has an upbeat style and method that looked at my life in a holistic manner. He provided positive reinforcement and a framework that helped me to refocus my energies and complete some major goals in my busy life. I highly recommend Vince to anyone who thinks they don’t have the time or this is not for me….it works!

Carolyn Kinsell

Solers Research Group, CEO

Vince is an insightful, passionate, and entertaining speaker with thought-provoking ideas who did an impressive job of kicking off our Teachers and Staff Conference here at the Academia Interamericana of Panamá (AIP). The material truly resonated with our teachers. His four hour presentation revealed key strategies for communicating with students and effective tools to engage and motivate them. Without any reservation, I highly recommend Vince to speak at your school or event.

Mona Lisa De García

AIP Administrative Director

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